The TADD Company is a vision brought to life by Taunda D. Edwards. Instead of using her
Bachelor of Arts Degree in Elementary Education to teach, Ms. Edwards took a chance on her
writing talent and opened her own writing company, TADD Writes, which has been operated in
Marietta, GA since 2005. That writing company has since expanded to a full literary,
management, beverage, film and marketing business. The TADD Company takes pride in
providing goods and services for all audiences, ages and genres to enjoy.

Taunda D. Edwards returned to college to earn a degree in English. Ms. Edwards is not only a
creative business woman, but she is a TADD author, screenwriter and animator. Ms. Edwards is
also the creator of TADD’s B=TOO beverage drink. Ms. Edwards has partnered with various
producers and advertisers for commercials, film projects, auto-biographies and other works.

The TADD Company’s Entertainment and Literary Manager, Mona R. Johnson, holds a Bachelor
of Arts Degree in Organizational Management, a Master of Arts Degree in Organizational
Leadership, and a Master's degree in Business Administration. Ms. Johnson works closely with
other literary managers/agents, businesses and organizations to lead TADD toward a
successful global market.

The TADD Company has a strong relationship with their distinguished clients, business
partners and other individuals in the entertainment and advertising industries
The TADD Company
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